A dollar a day keeps the phones ok

A dollar a day keeps the phones ok kort fortalt

Mobile phones are making a revolution in rural Africa, allowing millions of people to get access to important information about diseases, food, birth control, banking and more. However, many people rely on others to charge their mobiles, as they have no electricity themselves. Some walk for a day to have their phone charged in the nearest town, and might pay a dollar or more for that service.

With local solar kiosks, people can have their mobiles charged easily. This project is about financing 750 small solar systems that can charge 5-7 mobile per day. These will be rented out for a dollar per day, providing a needed service and a good business locally, while the project will be yielding more than 100% in 3 years.

We will utilize a complete and proven PayGo (Pay-as-you-go) system that has been implemented in many African countries, and can work with any mobile phone in any country. It offers an integrated management system that will automatically process registrations, payments, activation codes and reminders.

The project will start with 50 systems that will be put into operation, followed by subsequent batches of systems that will be installed under supervision.

The project will be carried out in Liberia by an enthusiastic and experienced team from NIDECO in co-operation with the supplier of the system, as well as our representative in the country. Having successfully implemented it in Liberia, we will replicate it with representatives in other countries.

By investing in this project, you will not only be contributing to a sustainable development for people in a poor country, but also make a good investment. The project is suitable as a CSR measure for a company.

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